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Polly Brindle, Alexandra Hall and Alex Hall using Pili Ani Products

The women of ‘Selling the OC’ get real on skincare.

Whether you love the catty drama in Netflix's popular real-estate docu-soap Selling the OC, or are just in it to drool over the mega mansions in SoCal, one thing’s for sure, this ultra-glossy series is highly addictive (Think Keeping up with the Kardashians meets Laguna Beach). Though the reality TV’s cast is co-ed, it’s the stunning line-up of female agents that definitely steal the show with their sun-kissed glowing skin, glamorous ensembles and enviably dewy looks that are always on-point.

During the Holiday Season, Pili Ani sent the style-setting stars – Alex Hall, Polly Brindle and Alexandra Rose – gift boxes from the brand’s Holiday Collection containing bestselling heroes such as the Pili Ani Gentle Facial CleanserPurifying Toner, Facial Moisturizer Cream, Self-Care Night Recovery Oil, Moisturizing Tinted Pili Lip Butter and Essential Oil Blends. The girls immediately took to Insta and shared reels of their Pili Ani experience.

Alex Hall on gua shas and instant glow-ups

“My skin drank this up, especially during winter months, my skin really needed it,” raved Alex Hall of the Natural Radiance Moisturizer. The social media sensation was also all praises about the SCNRO which she uses with her gua sha. If you want radiant, glowing skin, THIS is the secret,” she reveals.

Polly Brindle on creating 5 signature looks with the MPLB


Model-turned-realtor Polly, known for her plump, heart-shaped lips and British accent, lapped up the entire range of what she calls as “the most incredibly hydrating lip butters,” in hues that flattered the beauty chameleon’s every look – from daytime-apt Barely There (a color that she always gets asked about), to date night approved Berry tint. Also making it into her evening routine is The Essential Oil Blend in Sweet Dreams which gets her relaxed after a slew of team brunches, client meetings and yacht parties.

Alexandra Rose on avoiding breakouts and her SCNRO obsession

The Texan native can often be the misunderstood character in the show but we definitely get her all-American appeal that makes us mere mortals wish we also won the genetic lottery. Though Alex Rose admits to also having to deal with issues like acne, the sultry blonde came clean with having to work hard on her sensitive skin. “The facial cleanser I absolutely love. It really helps minimize my breakouts and it hydrates my skin. After... I use the tonerit gets rid of all the make-up, all the dirt and all the oil – the stuff that makes you breakout. I’m actually breaking out right now but it’s just something I have to live with.

Alex Rose was also a huge fan of the SCNRO. “I am obsessed... When I put it on at night and I wake up, my skin feels so smooth and so dewy,” she adds.

We’ll be binge-watching more of these Orange County ladies on their show and maybe, fingers-crossed, spot a cameo of some of our jewel-toned bottles in one of the slow pans highlighting their designer bags and killer blowouts.