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Pili Ani’s new product is inspired by a volcano in flux

The distinctly Filipino pili nut found its champion in two women. The duo of Mary Jane Ong and her mother Rosalina Tan built the independent beauty brand Pili Ani just a few years ago, making pili and elemi oils at the core of everything they create, from essential oil blends to facial creams. During our video call interview, Ong urges Pili Ani’s marketing manager Hannah Felipe to bust out one of their newer offerings: a volcanic face mask infused with pili and elemi oil.

“And of course, tayo lang again… [may] Mayon Volcano ash,” Ong adds, saying that they are sourcing the ash from a town that gained more livelihood opportunities because of the mask. The Pili Ani Volcanic Exfoliating Mask retails at ₱1,200 on their website, and comes in a sleek teardrop-shaped jar and an ornate pyramid-shaped box, inspired by a photo of Bicol’s famous volcano.

That Pili Ani’s new product is inspired by a volcano in flux says a lot about where the brand sees itself: in motion, despite a pandemic that has made skin care and beauty purchases feel more like luxuries than ever before. In a time when the Philippine beauty industry has become so democratized, with more small- and medium-sized brands vying for space on our vanities, Pili Ani has set its sights on an overseas market: the consumers of the Home Shopping Network in the United States....

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