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Pili Ani's Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us and if you’re anything like us, you are in shopping mode. It’s time to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list! We’ve created this gift guide to help you cross a few of those names off your list. Discover the perfect Pili Ani giftables and stocking stuffers for your favorite beauty lovers.


For the Low Maintenance Beauty Lover – Pili Ani’s Ageless Concentrate

Ageless Concentrate is a lightweight serum that effortlessly sinks right into your skin and delivers instant results. Ageless was created to nourish skin deep from within using Pili Oil concentrates that produce anti-aging and moisturizing benefits while relying on its Elemi Oil elements for its firming properties. This powerful combination nourishes, plumps, and hydrates your complexion for a natural glow.

Perfect for all skin types and easy to use, just 2-3 drops of Ageless Concentrate to the face and neck after cleansing leads to a dreamy, dewy, healthy glow. Available in two sizes, the 15ML is the perfect gift to introduce your friends and family to this truly amazing skin care essential. 

Get it here.

For the Essential Oil Lover – Pili Ani’s Natural Essential Oils

Pili Ani’s Essential Oils let your gift recipient experience the benefits of aromatherapy wherever they go! With Pili Ani’s convenient roller bottles, the benefits of essential oils are delivered in two ways. First, experience the aromatherapy properties through scent and then experience the wonders these botanicals can do when they’re applied directly to skin. Natural Essential Oils Blends are the only essential oils in the world formulated with Pili and Elemi oils as well as a variety of natural botanicals.

Blends include:

Available in individual bottles or try the Essential Oil Collection, a set of 5 oils that includes everything you need to get through the day but can also be broken up and given as multiple gifts. A great stocking stuffer!

For the Moisturizer Addict - Pili Ani’s Moisturizing Creams

Pili Ani’s family of Moisturizing Creams has something for everyone. And each one of them is packed with the naturally powerful Pili and Elemi Oils. Plus, all of Pili Ani’s products are formulated with concentrated ingredients so a small amount goes a long way. Gift your moisturizing loving friends the cream that’s perfect for them – it’s a great cream to experience the benefits of Pili and Elemi oils. They’ll surely thank you for it (and their skin will too!)

  • Intense Hydrating Cream – Pili Ani’s richest, most hydrating cream. Like a big drink of water for the skin, Intense Hydrating Facial Cream is a natural skin conditioner made to deliver immediate results and long-lasting skin hydration. Packed with the amazing Pili and Elemi oils, users experience soft, smooth skin that’s decadently hydrated but never greasy. Good for all skin types, the Intense Hydrating Cream was specifically formulated to balance oily skin and hydrate dry patches.


  • Youthful Glow Cream – Pili Ani’s luxurious anti-aging moisturizing cream will have users feeling years younger after just a few uses. Designed to minimize fine lines and age spots, Pili Ani Youthful Glow Cream goes on velvety soft and effortlessly sinks deep into skin to restore its youthful glow. With the combined power of oat extract, Pili Oil, and Elemi Oil, this cream is thick enough to penetrate the driest skin, yet lightweight enough to wear all day without feeling greasy or oily. Good for all skin types, wear it under makeup or as a night cream at the end of the day to wake up to baby soft skin.


  • Natural Radiance Cream - Pili Ani’s secret to brighter skin. Natural Radiance cream is formulated to hydrate, brighten and restore that all-over even glow your skin has been missing. Enhanced with fast-acting Centella Asiatica and papaya extract, Natural Radiance cream goes on velvety smooth to hydrate and protect skin while reducing dark spots. Good for all skin types, its silky texture is light enough to wear anytime of the day.

So many great gifts…Happy Shopping!

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