The Heart of PILI ANI

pili seed in soil

The magic of Pili Oil was discovered purely by accident when Rosalina Tan, the Mother of Organic Farming in the Philippines, met Noli, a local farmer. Rosalina was in a remote village in the Philippines that sits in the shadow of an active volcano. Farner Noli was selling a bottle of this rare and precious oil that was used for generations to heal skin ailments and keep his fellow villagers looking youthful. After talking to him and learning about his struggles in providing for his family, she wanted to help. She purchased a vial of the oil he was harvesting and tucked it away. This was our first vial of the precious Pili Oil. 

Wanting to help the local people, she continued to buy this oil from them, unaware of all the amazing benefits it had to offer. Her only goal was to help elevate and sustain the local farming community. Rosalina started to run out of space and decided to start storing the Pili Oil bottles in her daughter’s warehouse, unbeknownst to Mary Jane, her warehouse was now filled to the brim with it! 

Fast forward to when Mary Jane got a call that there wasn’t enough space for the goods for her other business at that time. It was then she discovered that her mother’s generous heart was matched by a quickly growing supply of Pili Oil!

Hearing that it was a special oil that the locals used for their skin and having seen how youthful they looked, she wanted to test it and see if there may be a use for it. Mary Jane gave the oil to a team of chemists and they were shocked by the powerful skin benefits the oil provided. Through scientific testing, we discovered just how precious Pili Oil really was and Pili Ani was born. Our goal was two-fold, to share these amazing benefits with the world while at the same time helping create a sustainable economic boost to the farmers in the Bicol region where the Pili tree grows.  

Today the powerful, potent and precious Pili Oil is incorporated into all of our products. Our ingredients are thoughtfully planted, harvested, and collected through our partnerships with the local community of farmers. And it is all done in an ethical and sustainable way. It was Rosalina who started teaching the farmers the right way to harvest oil and protect the health of the “Chosen Tree.” Pili Ani believes in circularity – it doesn’t just provide income by purchasing the harvested nuts and oils but also creates programs to help uplift the lives of its farmers. 

And what about Farmer Noli—that very first farmer? Today he has a permanent place in our company, continuing not only to provide a stable life for his family, but also helping us share the benefits of this amazing beauty secret with the world!

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