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This Filipino Skincare Brand Is Actually a Huge Deal

Perhaps as a direct result of growing up rarely seeing myself represented in pop culture, I am constantly seeking out the Asian or half-Asian character in just about everything. I won't bore you with my sob story of the weirdness that comes along with being half-Filipino and raised in Mississippi—the state isn't exactly known for its strides in diversity—but you think about it a lot when you rank somewhere between Barbie's ethnic sidekicks Kira and Teresa, but never really see yourself reflected in either. Especially today, my background is an even bigger part of my identity. When I had the chance to interview Chrissy Teigen and Shay Mitchell, respectively, we spent about half the time reveling in the fact that we are both half-Asian. The fact that Korean and Japanese products are becoming part of the mainstream market is so exciting to me, and my heart sang upon hearing news that Kenzo cast all Asian models for their upcoming runway show. That being said, Pili Ani, the first Filipino skincare line to arrive in the United States, is a very big deal in my eyes.

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