This Oil Made My Skin Softer Overnight (Allure)

three bottles of Pili Ani's Self-care Night Recovery Oil

If you haven’t yet added face oil to your skin care routine, I’m actually jealous—because there’s nothing quite like that first morning you wake up after using face oil as your last step the night prior and realize your skin feels so much more hydrated than it does after using moisturizer alone.

As a diehard face oil fan, I’ve gotten used to that feeling—so to really wow me, a formula has to go beyond simply helping to hydrate. Pili Ani Self-Care Night Recovery Oil is one of those formulas: not only did it leave my skin feeling more moisturized, but noticeably smoother and softer, too. Read more

The Pili Ani Self-Care Night Recovery Oil is part of the November 2021 Allure Box.