Winter (Skin) Is Coming

Pili Ani's Self-care Night Recovery Oil and Ageless Concentrate

Temperatures are dropping and winter is right around the corner. For some of us, it’s already here! Now is the perfect time for a check-in on our skincare routines because with winter comes different skin issues. The cold, dry air can zap skin of its moisture, drying it out and leaving it itchy, red, and irritated. The key to a winter skin care routine is hydration.

Tips to Retain Skin’s Moisture

There are some easy things you can do to make sure you are retaining the skin’s natural moisture throughout the day. Hot showers seem amazing in the cold but they are actually bad for you skin, drying it out. Try taking shorter, lukewarm showers or baths and use gentle soaps or shower gels. Use a body lotion or cream when you get out of the shower to lock in moisture. And while we know how important it is to stay hydrated in the summer, we don’t think about it as much in the cold. Make sure to drink enough water, even if you’re not thirsty. Finally, keep a lip balm with you all the time - chapped lips are no fun!

Skin Care Products for Winter

There are also specific skin care products that when added to your routine, can ensure that your skin stays in tip-top shape through the season. This combination of Pili Ani Oils is the perfect AM/PM routine for a winter skincare routine.

AM – Pili Ani’s Ageless Concentrate

For extra moisture during the day, try Pili Ani’s Ageless Concentrate. Created to nourish skin deep from within, Ageless uses Pili Oil, a superfood for the skin more moisturizing than argan oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil to plump and hydrate skin for a natural glow. It’s other key ingredient, Elemi Oil, is a sought-after anti-aging ingredient that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as firming, lifting and smoothing benefits for the surface of the skin. This powerful combination moisturizes and restores skin’s youth and vitality, leaving it soft, smooth and supple all day long. It’s the perfect answer for those dry winter days. (Get Ageless Concentrate)

PM – Pili Ani’s Self-care Night Recovery Oil

When it comes to nighttime, Pili Ani’s Self-care Night Recovery Oil is a great product to give your skin the nutrients it needs to wake up visibly healthier, more youthful and glowing. Self-care Night Recovery Oil is infused with Pili and Elemi oils along with botanicals of natural ingredients like Philippine jasmine, evening primrose and lavender that work together to ignite the skin’s nightly repair process, rejuvenating skin while you sleep. Deeply moisturizing, the oil boosts your skin’s hydration to prevent the moisture loss that typically happens overnight. Just 2-3 drops at night before you go to sleep and wake up to visibly, youthful and luminous skin in the morning. (Get Self Care Night Recovery Oil)

Remember: As temperatures drop, the skin craves more moisture. Make sure to keep it hydrated for picture-perfect winter skin!