Our Story

Unearthing our premium quality products and their benefits is the first step in discovering the natural beauty in you.


The only one of its kind in the world, Pili Ani products are unique for their powerful Elemi and Pili Oils.

Pili Aniroughly-translated as “chosen harvest”is a brand that believes in the hand that cultivates the soil. In fact, sustainable living for Bicol Pili farmers was the only thing on founder Rosalina Tan’s mind when she started advocating for our Elemi and Pili Oils. Today, it is a family-owned business, promoting all-natural and award-winning Elemi and Pili Oil-based products to the world.

Finding beauty in the indigenous Pili Tree, these oils are extracted by the farmers of Bicol, Philippines. Ethically and responsibly sourced, our brand ensures every product is sustainably and scientifically produced.



Promoting our products in international trade shows, we perceptively discovered a market for Pili Tree Oils in green beauty. And as the pioneer of using our Elemi and Pili Oils for beauty and wellness, it is truly a monumental feat.


With further research and development, the brand now has lines catering to skin care, makeup, bath, and wellness. And with the growth of the brand, these all-natural products remain thoughtfully sustainable and responsible.

Unearthing our premium quality products and their benefits is only step one in discovering natural beauty in you. Now that’s priceless.


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