How Elemi Oil Makes Pili Ani’s Cleanser And Toner Unique

girl holds Pili Ani’s Cleanser and Toner side by side

Clean skin is key to healthy skin and finding the right facial cleanser and toner should be the first step in any new skincare regimen. However, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out the right products for your skin type. Pili Ani has recently introduced their own Cleanser and Toner and what sets them apart from all the rest is the inclusion of their key ingredient—Elemi Oil.

Elemi Oil

An essential oil known for its anti-aging properties, Elemi Oil is a powerful antibacterial that has been used for thousands of years to treat skin conditions and ailments. The oil comes from the sap of the Pili Tree, an amazing gift from nature only found in the remote region of Bicol in the Philippines.

Elemi Oil is a rare and potent extract that visibly firms and tightens the skin. It also helps improve the appearance of discoloration caused by sun damage resulting in a visibly more even complexion. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores. Rich in antioxidants, it’s a Superfood for the skin!

Elemi Oil has other benefits beyond skincare. With its aromatherapeutic properties, Elemi helps calm the senses, improve mood, and reduce stress. It is also known to enhance focus.

Pili Ani Gentle Facial Cleanser

Pili Ani’s NEW Gentle Facial Cleanser is a plant-based cleanser infused with Elemi Oil. Not only is this cleanser effective at removing grime and deep-seated residue, it does so without stripping the skin’s natural moisture, keeping it supple and soft. The Elemi Oil also gives this cleanser antibacterial and antiseptic properties as well as a low pH which makes it ideal for almost all skin types. Yes, it has gentle in its name, but it is a highly effective cleanser that is good for the skin.

Pili Ani Purifying Toner

Pili Ani’s NEW Purifying Toner naturally purifies the skin, removing excess oil and debris without leaving the skin dry. Its all-natural formulation featuring aloe vera and Elemi Oil leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and luxuriously pampered. The Elemi Oil also helps refine the skin’s texture, balances the skin’s natural oils, and preps the skin to receive the rest of your skincare products.

Pili Ani’s Cleanser and Toner are dermatologist-tested and gentle enough for sensitive, oily and even acne prone skin as Elemi Oil helps normalize the skin’s oil levels. And like all of Pili Ani’s products, the toner and cleanser are 100 percent natural with no SLS and parabens. They are also fair-trade and cruelty-free because Pili Ani believes in ethical beauty solutions. Get yours here.