More Ways To Use Your Facial Oils

girl applying face oil on her cheeks

Facial oil is a game-changing skincare item that can elevate your beauty routine with just a few drops. Locking in moisture, softening skin, and strengthening the skin barrier are just some benefits we know about facial oil. As it turns out, there are actually a lot more uses that you can get from it. Scroll down to pick up a few tricks so you can make the most of your facial oil.

1. As a primer under your makeup. 

If you’re mulling over purchasing another makeup product to add to your routine, maybe try double-hatting your skincare first. Did you know that you can use your facial oil as a primer? It gives you both the benefits of skincare and it makes makeup apply more smoothly and evenly.

Try a lightweight facial oil, like the Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate, that is easily absorbed and feels comfortable even under sunscreen and full makeup. Facial oils can balance the sebum and oil production of your skin so your skin doesn’t end up greasy later on. In fact, it can help your makeup last longer.

2. Combine it with your moisturizer to add potency.

Want to get more from your skincare products? Try combining facial oil with your favorite moisturizer. The addition of the oil makes the moisturizer more potent because not only does your skin get the hydration it needs, it also gets the benefits from the active ingredients from the oil.

3. Mix it with your makeup.

If you feel like your makeup needs a little glow, add a few drops of the Ageless Concentrate facial oil to your foundation. You’ll end up with a dewy base and this technique also lets you adjust the coverage of your foundation, giving you a more sheer finish for those days when you want a more natural look. You can also try mixing it in with your liquid or cream blush to add a little luminosity. It’s a great way to create highlight without glitter.

4. Use it on other body parts.

It may say “facial oil” on the bottle but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should only put it on your face. You can use it on your hands and neck. Those areas show the first signs of aging and need our TLC too. Apply the oil generously on them and you’ll see the effect after continuous use.
The Ageless Concentrate facial oil is more versatile than most with its concentrated and pure Pili and Elemi oils, both of which are superfoods for your skin. They’re rich in antioxidants that can protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. Try the Ageless Concentrate facial oil today to experience all its benefits and supercharge your skincare routine.