The Legend Of Mayon Volcano

Located in the Albay Province of the Bicol region, Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philippines. 

Rosalina's Story

In a nutshell, Rosalina is quite frankly a real-life superwoman. 

The Heart of PILI ANI

The magic of Pili Oil was discovered purely by accident when Rosalina Tan, the Mother of Organic Farming in the Philippines, met Noli, a local farmer. 

What Is Philippine Independence Day?

June 12 marks the day that the Philippines gained their independence from Spain after 333 years. 

What Is Elemi Oil?

Elemi Oil comes from the sap of the Pili Tree which is tapped in the same way maple trees are tapped for syrup. 

What Is Pili Oil?

The heritage of Pili Ani really begins with an amazing gift from nature only found in a specific region of the Philippines. 

Meet The Founders Of Pili Ani, Mother-Daughter Duo Rosalina & Mary Jane

We sat down with Rosalina and Mary Jane to find out what it has been like build this business from the ground up together as a family.

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Pili Ani Debuts At HSN

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